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About Phil Labs

Phil Labs is the newest venture of Phil Group of Zambia. Phil Group has a presence in Zambia since 1997 and it operates one of the largest opticial chain in Zambia having centres in 12 locations. Additionally, the Group has varied other business interest.

Recently, to expand its footprint in healthcare sector, the Group has launched Phil Labs. The centre has been planned as an advanced diagnostic and research facility offering latest technology to facilitate correct diagnosis leading to effective treatment. The facility is designed to deliver accurate and reliable results within the committed timeline and reasonable cost.

Phil Labs provides the following;

At Phil Labs we believe in bringing the most advanced pathological procedures to enable medical practitioners to undertake correct diagnosis and recommend effective treatment for the benefit of their patients. We offer screening, diagnostics, prognostic and diseases monitoring tests spread over 4,500 tests covering technologies such as immunoassays, chemiluminisence, enzyme linked flurosence, atomid absorption, mass spectrometry, infrared spectrometry, PCR sequencing, high resolution banding, column agglutination, flow cytometry among others.

Radiology’s role is central to disease management, with a wide choice of tools and techniques available for the detection, staging and treatment. Diagnostic imaging provides detailed information about structural or disease related changes.

Phil Labs is equipped with advanced radiology machines ranging from simple x-rays to advance CT imaging.
CT Scan

Current fast pace lifestyle has exposed us to various ailments which remained silent till it converts into major health hazard.

We offer comprehensive healthcare packages which can help to identify shortcomings in advance so that suitable course correction can be made before it converts into a medical emergency.

Also offered are Cardiology and Consultation services

Why Choose Philabs?

  • State of Art Labs
  • Automated Tests
  • Acclaimed international technology partners
  • Experienced Staff


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