Antelope Milling

Antelope Milling

Antelope Wholesale Merchants Co. Ltd., trading as “Antelope Milling”, was one of the first milling companies to be established in Zambia in 1953 and subsequently registered in 1958. It started as a wholesale trading in foodstuffs, soaps, detergents, cereals and general grocery items. In 1985, the wholesale trading department was closed and the company concentrated in the milling of maize both for human and animal consumption. The milling operation grew through the years from 1 metric ton capacity to the present output capacity of 336 metric tons maize and 120 metric tons wheat per day.

At present, Antelope Milling is a leading manufacturer of maize meal and wheat flour products and our finished products are distributed to all provinces throughout Zambia.

Some of the Products include:

Mealie Meal



We pack our finished products in polypropylene bags of various sizes, that is 50kg, 25kg, 10kg, 5kg, 2.5kg and 1kg.

Both the first and second generation machinery produced good quality Roller meal at the rate of 24 mt. per day each.

It was in the early eighties that the third generation machinery was acquired with an output capacity of finished products of 216 mt per day with a provision for the manufacture of the finest quality of Breakfast Meal.

In 2011, Antelope Milling commissioned two state of the art milling plants. Each of these two new plants, has a capacity of 120 metric tons of finished products per day.

Together with the largest transport fleet, new office block, warehousing, depots, boundary walls and concreted yard, the company’s investment exceeds USD 30 million.

To further enhance its market share
and sales, Antelope Milling has established a network
of 50 sales depots (distributions centers) in the Copperbelt, Central, North Western and Lusaka Provinces of Zambia.

At present, Antelope Milling is one of the leading manufacturer
of maize meal, bread flour and its finished products are
distributed to all provinces throughout Zambia.

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