How to List Items


How to List Products & Services

Do you want to Sell or Market a Product/s or Service/s in Zambia?   

Do you want to Search or Buy a Product/s or Service/s in Zambia?

List them on!

Step 1 (Registration/Login)

Register your username & email address to create an account. All listings have to be registered before publishing. To create account click Register or select ‘ADD ’ on the menu tab

Click on register & create a free account on!

After registering a free account, Login to view Profile & update your Profile page.

Step 2 (Submit Details)

Type details either by Whatsapp, Facebook or use the ‘ADD Listing’ menu  provided & send, that’s it, will do the rest for you!

If you are a Seller or Service provider;

Indicate the Title or Service, Price, Location, Contacts (optional) or any relevant details.

If you are a Customer or Client looking for something;

Indicate what you are looking for & include contact (optional) or any relevant details 

To ADD(Post) Listings on, click on ADD Free and post! you can also forward your Social Media Posts/Listings to our WhatsApp or Facebook Groups & will list for you on the site!

When you send, will create a FREE online post for you! the site advertises, links & connects Sellers/Service providers with Customers/Clients anywhere in Zambia!, the site also offers Premium features to market & list your post on the Frontpage and our social media platforms plus custom designed page which can be extended further. To choose Premium Listing click ‘BOOST POST’  & select your Premuim Listing Plans (Tip: the longer the duration plan, the cheaper the cost) . Enjoy frontpage listing and social media marketing at very affordable rates.


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Step 3 (Publishing)

After submitting details your online Post will be published and will go live online! Customers and clients will be able to access your post from anywhere in the country. Products and services that do not comply with out Terms will be unpublished

 Step 4 (View Listings)

When you Login, you will be able to view your submitted posts. Scroll down your profile to view Premium Listings & Free Listings. You can also go to website homepage and view All listings

Step 5 (Premium Listing)

Premium features are what differentiates Free listings from paid listings. To add a Premium Listing simply click on ‘BOOST POST’ and submit. You can also submit a FREE listing and add Payment to make it PREMIUM

By default all Posts/listings are listed for Free. However, Free listings are limited to a single location thereby reducing access to more customers/clients.

Premium listings are promoted on all our media platforms and have specially designed features to have more access to customers/clients i.e. will advertise your listing on all its media platforms

To promote a Free listing to Premium, simply click on the ADD Premium button, choose a payment plan, fill in details, copy & paste the url of your listing on  space provided & submit!

To promote posts/listings on social media simply open your post or listing page, copy the url, click ADD Premuim button on, choose a payment plan, enter details, Paste url in space provided & submit!

Once payment is confirmed, your listing will be promted to the duration of the selected payment plan!

With PREMIUM features you enjoy our Marketing, Frontpage listings, widget listing, Social media links & custom designed page.