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What is a LISTING ID?

The LISTING ID is for the owner of the submitted LISTING (Product or Service) in order to differentiate  the  Products & Services of the owner from other’s Listings, hence each page Listing has its own number which appears on the top-left of each listing page.  If you have multiple Products & Services, you can get multiple Listing ID’s.

When a Listing Form is submitted, it will pend approval after-which it will be Published for FREE (Publishing of Listings is FREE). Once a Premium Listing is published, a LISTING ID is added on the Top-Left of the Listing page.  To get Premium features, a LISTING PLAN has to be purchased using the LISTING ID.  When duration expires, the Listing can be renewed.

When making payment for a LISTING PLAN, enter the LISTING ID number  on the section provided on the Payment Form. If you have multiple ID’s choose the particular page you want to activate by using the LISTING ID for that page.

If you are a customer or client ignore this page & scroll back. 


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  • Type the name of the Product(s) or Service(s) you want to advertise

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Post Category

Choose multiple categories for your product or service 

Example 1

Oranges being sold in Lusaka will have categories i.e. Agriculture, Fruit, Lusaka Province, Lusaka

 Example 2

 Diploma in Nursing at College x in Solwezi will have categories e.g. Education,Colleges, Nursing, North Western Province, Solwezi

Post Content

This is the space to market you products & services and indicate your businesses location if necessary

Example 1

Am selling fresh Bananas straight from the Farm. Plenty of stock available. Am found at Stand No. x at Masala Market, Ndola. Get intouch with me on 09xxxxxxxxxx Hurry while stocks last!

Example 2

Am skilled in Baking Wedding Cakes as well as Decorations for Functions. I have x years of experience in these fields. Get intouch with me on whatsapp o9xxxxx or my facebook page url………………../

Example 3

Am a qualified Teacher with a Diploma in Mathematics currently for Hire. If you are looking for a Maths Teacher at your Private School, kindly get intouch me on 09xxxxxxxx or reply on the comments section below


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In this section you can upload photos of the products you are selling (take multiple photos of your product on different angles) or the services you offer. (Upto 5 Images are allowed)


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