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The User Profile page allows you to be your own Listings controller. You can Search Posts, List Posts and Edit your settings!



Clicking on this button allows you to search for Products and services in the Premium or Free Listings. You can search by LOCATION (District, Province or Area), CATEGORY (Name of Category for an Item), ENGINE (Using the search engine) or PREMIUM LISTING (Allows you to view the Premium Listings)

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This button allows you to upload your own Posts directly on the website by filling in the Form .You can also share details using muZambia whatsapp & facebook groups


You can copy and paste the url from your social media market place and share it on the website using this button


This button allows you to turn Free Posts to Premium Posts and enjoy the Premium features. By choosing a Subscription Plan, your Post is Promoted for the duration of the selected plan 


To learn more about the menu, click on this button 

( JOIN GROUPS ) Groups are both on the website and social- media Platforms. You can join the Groups to broaden your client/interaction base and get latest updates 


You can edit/update your personal profile and settings, Add Posts, Send & Recieve Messages, Monitor your Listings, View Premium & Free Listings(Posts)




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